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name: Brett Barton

birthday: Dec 16
hometown: Elwood, IN
favorite place to paddle: Anywhere with clean water and granite!

In 2008 I went to Ecuador and it changed the way I lived. Paddling is what I think of and mostly what I plan for. Completed my first Grand Canyon trip, April 2013!! My first overnight trip was in Washington's, Olympic Peninsula. Tshletshy Creek took us almost 5 days to complete, both times!! Four first descents. Over 300 personal first descents.

playboat: allstar
creekboat: Karma M
crazy fact #224: I love Yerba Mate!!!
why i love kayaking:

Coming from a small town I had no idea what amazing secrets the mountains had to tell. I bought my first hardshell in 2000 after a couple years of guiding on some rivers here in WA. The Columbia Gorge, Wenatchee and Skykomish drainages have remained at the core of my interest. So much is here.. and I feel as much a part of it as my desire to explore these places. The river is why I come back. The place. It's so soothing to be immersed in an environment that is alive, breathing and aware of my presence. I am renewed here. It’s why I return to places like Mt Rainier and the Olympic Peninsula. They hold the places I go to be silent within myself.


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