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I was born to fish and come from a large family of anglers. That coupled with living in an area that provided a diverse array of fishing locales, led me to learn a variety of styles from fly fishing for trout, topwater bass fishing or throwing 'the iron' for pelagics; as I like to say, no species is safe.
In middle school, I was introduced to recreational kayaking and have been hooked ever since. It was a natural progression to pair my love of kayaking with angling. If I think of a single word to describe why I love kayaking and fishing from a kayak it would be 'Serenity'. People might fish for sport or for the hunt, but I believe most of all, people fish to ‘get away from it all'. In my opinion, there's no better way to achieve that than on a Jackson kayak.
An avid outdoorsman, I enjoy backpacking, hunting, camping and bushcraft. Fresh air, wide open spaces and the next great adventure are the things I live for. The only thing I can think of that's better is being able to do those on my Jackson!
You can follow my adventures on my blog, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and of course, JacksonKayak.com!

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