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Name: Andrew Watt

Hometown : Hamilton ON, Currently 45 east of Edmonton, enjoying small town living.

Favorite Fishing: Freshwater lakes, rivers, and anywhere my kayak fits and I can wet a line.

Favorite Fish Species: Walleye, pike, rainbow trout. Oh did I mention walleye!

Dream Kayak Fishing Trip: Monster sturgeon in BC Canada or Sailfish and Sharks in Florida

Years Fishing From A Kayak: 6 years

Jackson Kayaks Owned: Coosa FD

Favorite Quote: Not all those who wander are lost. J.R.R. Tolkien

A Little Bit About Myself:


     I’m 37 years young, currently settled in the wonderful Canadian province of Alberta. I’ve been paddling since I’ve worked at summer camps in my teens. And made a career out of paddling and being outside for the majority of my twenties working at outdoor education centres across the country. I then took a break, finished hitchhiking from coast to coast across Canada, and decided to put roots down with my amazing partner Janis.

     I’ve been fishing since my Donald duck rod days as a five year old with my father camping, or just taking trips to lake Ontario. I’ve been kayak fishing for the past 6 years, enjoying every second of it. Both recreationally and competitively. Especially the walleye fishery. I’ve entered the few but amazing tournaments here within Alberta over the past few years and I’m amazed by the kayak community and the camaraderie within it. I've had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people and making some great friends.

     I’m thankful for the opportunity to represent Jackson Kayaks and I look forward to the coming kayak fishing season and what it will bring. Both the friends and the fish. If your ever in Alberta, let’s go fishing!!


Fish On.

Andrew Watt

Recent Posts