Beatin’ the Heat

Put the Coosas to work this past weekend, it was my first time in one on a river float trip in Louisiana.  This is where the Coosa excels and I have been putting it off in favor of chasing redfish in the marsh.  An acceptable trade in my mind.  Blake, his dad, and I floated a Florida Parish river in search of spotted(kentucky) bass.  Blake’s dad just recently bought a Coosa, what better way to break it in?

The river was a bit low, we’ve had a lot of afternoon thunderstorms this summer, but it has not been enough to sustain river levels in our area.  We’re in a bit of a drought, though it doesn’t hold a candle to what Texas is dealing with.  With the river levels down, the current was a bit slower as well, which helped us when fishing areas that we normally zoom by.  Clarity was really good as well, which was expected with the lack of rain.

I threw a popper pretty much all day, the bite was consistent enough that I did not feel the need to switch to anything else.  If I had thrown a smaller popper I probably could have caught upwards of a hundred bluegill & sunnies, they hit the fly on almost every cast.  I managed to land my biggest spot on the fly too, 1.85 lbs.  He had the head of a bass much bigger, but was skinny like a snake.  I was excited when I saw him in the water, thinking that I might of had a shot at Blake’s state record on the fly, but those hopes were dashed when I put him on the scale.

We stopped on a sand bar at lunch and used the elite seats in our Coosas to eat in the shade.  We also took a dip in the river to cool down before resuming our float.  That’s one of the great things about summer time river floats, you just can’t do that kind of thing in the marsh.  The trip was an all day affair, but it was a lot of fun.  I really need to make more float trips.

It always amazes me how colorful fish are and how different they can look, even within the same species.  With some fish you don’t always notice it’s colors unless you really look. Check out the undersides of these bass.  They’re all spotted bass, all caught in the same stretch of river. The blue was actually quite brilliant on these fish, my point and shoot doesn’t really capture it that well, you get the point though.

I’ve made river floats in a few different boats now and none has performed better than the Coosa.  The elite hi/lo seat was comfortable all day long and was quick and easy to remove for use at lunch on the sand bar.  It’s size and ability to turn on a dime is perfect for maneuvering around logs and other debris that choke the rivers in our area.  We didn’t have to portage all day thanks to the Coosa and some artful paddling.  It’s layout makes accessing everything you need very easy, with a vast amount of storage underneath the seat and in the tankwell.  It was just a joy to be in all day long on Saturday.

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