Grant Korgan Shares his Journey and Sends Thanks!

For those of you who don’t know Grant Korgan….. You should….. An outdoor enthusiast who faced a severe accident, shares his journey to recovery and how a positive mindset and determination can overcome any disadvantage…. He recently did a paddling mission on lake tahoe: here is his letter saying Thanks! (At the bottom is his sponsorship video from last year to share his full story)

To begin – THANK YOU…!!!

A huge thank you to Karen Craig for all the support and luv in helping both Jason and I accomplish this mission!  A huge thank you to Colin for pulling all the strings necessary to put me in a Jackson Rouge (perfect glide vs. workout ratio) and allow this corporate exposure to happen!  A huge thank you to Reno Mountain Sports for loaning me one of their demo boats.  A huge thank you to the entire Jackson family for both believing in my recovery, and believing in my ability to boat again.  And… a HUGE thank you to Jason for being so rad and everyday pushing far beyond the idea of ANY injury – Respect brother…

The South Pole Push Lake Tahoe circumnavigation training trip was AMAZING!!!  One might think that 4 days and 60 miles of flat water would seem a bit counter productive to a whitewater mind, but honestly, the gratitude and pure fire I felt for having the ability to achieve each and every one of those strokes was a dream come true to me.  For the first time since my injury, I was able to go overnight kayak camping, paddle double digit distances, and get that blissful feeling of expedition kayaking (even if it was right in the back yard).  At the end of the day, every second I spend in a boat puts me that much closer to free falling in all the white stuff…!!!  4 days of good times, training, camping, promoting, laughing, filming, sunshine, therapy, interviewing, body testing, and above all KAYAKING!!!  The best part was, every day I felt my body responding with increased strength, endurance, and recovery progress!

This project has been amazing, and both the mission and the message couldn’t be more spot on for the movement that I so honored to be a part of.  I will recover to 120%.  I don’t know how or when, I just know that it happens.  I work out as if it is my job, and I believe activity based recovery is the path that my body needs to recover fully.  I don’t believe in paralysis, and knowing the lifestyle and adventure of yesteryear’s abilities are right around the corner keeps me pushing forward toward each and every athletic goal I have ever set for myself.  The mission of the South Pole Push is to cross country ski 100 nautical miles across the polar plateau of Antarctica, and arrive (after 10 days of constant head winds, – 50deg temps, and no rest days) at the geographic south pole on the centennial 100 year anniversary of the Robert Falcon Scot Terra Nova Expedition. The message is my favorite part.  I have the honor and opportunity to help showcase the enduring human spirit and the awesomeness that every single one of us has the ability to rise up and accomplish anything that we desire to put our minds to in this life…

Thank you again for supporting this project.  Thank you for supporting me, and LETS GO KAYAKING!!!

In gratitude – Korg

*Funny Story and more recovery motivation: Day 1 at a lakefront media party, I flipped over to cool off before the team got back underway, and as I rolled over, both my legs fell out of the thigh braces and I found myself out of the seat, laying on the spay skirt, and upside down.  I figured I would go for a roll anyways, and that action only served to pull me under the pier.  I couldn’t believe this was going to be my first swim in 4 years…  I began to process the idea of swimming in flat water, pulled my skirt, and when I went to get out of the boat, something wouldn’t let me exit.  I currently have no feeling in my feet and after going back into the boat, I was able to feel (with my hands) that my bootie was caught on something.  No sweat, took it slow, freed my foot, and surfaced under the pier to find that my man JCraig had jumped off his own boat into the water and was now face to face with me laughing, successful in his mission to both make sure I was OK, and remind me that a bootie beer was in my future.  All is well that ends well, Shawna and Karen got me back in my boat and the rest of the trip went off without a hitch!!!

BTW: Whitewater makes amazing recovery therapy:

Grant Korgan

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  1. hilde
    November 10, 2011 at 7:50 pm

    Clear eyes, whole heart; can’t lose. Grant approaches everything he does fully charged and with so much heart. There are a lot of inspirational people in the kayak world but Grant and Jason stand out. They will be whole.

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