Suped up SUPerFishal – added a trolling motor!

*this is not the suggested use for this board. Just something I did that you may like*
Ever since I paddled the SUPerFishal for the first time I have always toyed with the idea of adding a trolling motor to one. In my mind it had all the features to work. Lots of volume, stability and a sturdy grab handle in the stern to clamp the motor to. It would need some modifications to fit properly but I always knew it would work. And after about an hour of fabricating a mounting plate for the grab handle, it works perfectly!
I purchased a Minn Kota Endura C2 transom-mount trolling motor with 55 lbs of thrust and the longer 42 inch shaft. Between it and the battery the cost was about $300. The next step was to make a mount big enough that the motor could clamp on to and be secure. I welded a small mount out of steel that the grab handle goes through and then bolts back down. But I had to first learn about welding online and only then proceed. And that was it. Clamped the motor down, attached the wires to the battery and it was ready to go. I want to splice in longer wires so I can place the battery all the way on the bow to the deck plate but thats about the only modification I need to make.
I can attach the motor and battery in about a minute and it gives me several hours of operation before it needs to be recharged. The sales person said to run the battery all the way down before I charge it up and after about 4 hours of running it is still going strong. I have taken it on both a lake and to the river and it has worked flawlessly. I don’t even have to run shuttle on the river! Just drift down and motor back up. And on the lake I can put it on the low setting and just cast as I crawl across the water. And the fish don’t spook a bit. It is so quiet. Way more quiet than paddling. Which you can still do with the motor down. And as far as steering I can do that from the motor or just set it pointed straight, twist the throttle and then just use my paddle to drag it in the water and steer.
Im going to continue to tweak it but so far so good. My next motor will be one that has even more power as we’ll as the remote control that allows you to control everything from a small device you wear on your neck. Steer, power up, tilt and go in reverse all while standing up front fighting fish. Im not suggesting anyone do this but rather just show it could be done and it works. There are obvious dangers to it and i don’t really recommend it to anyone. But for me, its sweet! All I can do now is imagine how I can creep up on ducks with it too. It is hunting season after all .

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