Outside World Columbus GA Throws-down!

Just back from a HOT and fun weekend in Columbus, GA where Outside World held their annual ”Hometown Throwdown” multi-paddle-sorting event.   Thanks to Kyle Katich and Dan Allison and all the other Paddle Monkey organizers for convincing us to fly south and check out this amazing freestyle fiesta once again.

While last year was COLD and the water was LOW (4000) we still had a great time.  But this year we found temps up to 80 degrees and 9000 cfs which made the ”good wave” really rise up and get noticed!    While there was a boater cross and an SUP event as well, once I got to see the wave come in it was hard to focus on much else.    The ‘Good Wave” has a 6’ face and a really strong foam -pile, so while you might struggle to get to the top when you do come down the face you go FLYING!   Instead of shooting photos, after judging and competing we all just kept surfing until the water started to drop again, meaning no evidence but great memories.

In the Boatercross Hunter Katich won by a landslide even against longer boats due to the backward floating start and his strategy of SURFING the first hole (so everyone in his heat had to flip under him).  In SUP Shred Ready’s Tom Shorburne dominated the field while I managed to pass Hunter for the 2nd place just before the finish. And in freestyle Stephen Wright’s airscrews, mcnasty’s, and ‘Huge’ entry loops won out over Hunter, Myself, and Bennett Smith who all scored solid rides on the amazing wave.   I can’t recall all the results but a good time was had by all.  For a different view of the event, check out:


Stoked for come back soon when the water stays high for longer but now I’m packing up for Russel Fork..


Clay Wright

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