Backcountry Part 2

Like Louise and Clark I have had an itch to explore new terrain and push deep into expands where I like to imagine I am the first to set eyes on. The Everglades this time of he year gives ample opportunity’s to get you ambitions of pre colonial day explorer in. Aloft of the Big Rig, I have a set out to venture into old and new areas in search to the big elusive snook that invade the backcountry. Searching low tidal back bays with muddy bottoms I have found much success in finding big fish basking in the early rays of the sun that pour in through the mangrove canopy. Fish feeding and or laying in the warm mud with there backs out of the water have been a welcoming sight most of my trips. Armed with a handful of custom tied flies I have developed and a two fly rods I have had a humbling time as I approach these fish and place well presented flies in their “face” only to watch them blow out in inches of water. Presumably I believe these fish are well trained in the art of ambush and being ambushed them self, well, they quit frankly don’t appreciate my gesturing. In between the nerve wrecking antics, tarpon will often be seen rolling tight against brush rolling and gorging them selves on mud minnows. With a quick sweep of the fly rod I tend to find myself hooked up these mystical creatures that have been depicted in such paintings that dated back to one the famous paint of paintings ” The fish that ate Jona”. After some Arial combat and coaching I have get to set eyes on this metallic creature that seems to be carve out of the heavens.

IMG_8454 IMG_8366 IMG_8242 IMG_8252

Paddling through mangrove tunnels, wild life abounds and every trip makes for a memory that will be etched in the memory. The cool air and fog rolling of the water and the noise of tranquility abound throughout my day. Paddling into these route areas enlightens anyone and I truly recommend the experience.

Cheers Alex Tejeda

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