Its been a personal goal this year to venture out of my comfort zones in search of giant snook in the back country. With the weather cooling down the “big” word become ever so prevalent; The transaction. I began pealing off my pursuit of Permit, tarpon and bonefish and begin plowing into the backcountry into bug infested swamps. I made it a personal goal to learn how to read new water. To find the shape shifter of the back country. Snook are the main focus in tannic back country waters. They will lay on muddy banks in search of small bait fish. Spotting them and making the well presented cast is the just have the battle. Once you have there attention with out blowing your cover the idea is to place a small fly close enough to have reaction and a strike. Once you get the eat it become a grudge match between you an this wary creatures. They seem to take on a new persona and become this mystical creatures like ancient roman times. Fighting with all their might to dig you deep into the trees. Jumping and slashing in an effort to defy your attempts to subdue. Once you over come this battle you bring back a tamed animal gentle in its demeanor and willing to be coached in an attempt to be returned to its water and continue to rain supreme.

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