Bonefide Loving

Learning to read the tides and flats has been a key factor to a successful day. You mix fly fishing from a kayaking and now you have raise the bar. Chasing Bonefish and permit can be the most frustrating but rewarding fishing anyone can do from any vessel or even on foot. With a shrimp or crab fly in the arsenal you are halfway to making the magic come to life. The key to having a successful day on the flats chasing the grey ghost is a good pair of polarized sunglasses and a tons of patient. Playing it cool and slowly scanning the flats for shadows and tails is key. Once you spot your target there is no need to rush over. Anticipant the fishes next move and devise the plan where you can put your self in the best possible position for a 90 degree shot about four feet in front of the fish or you best option a head on shot. The key factor to being successful at evoking an eat form these speedster is presentation presentation. Keeping composed and making a good cast from at least 30 feet is paramount. Once you set up and the cast is made feel the fish and read the body language. Keep tight and wait for the thumps then set hard and wait for line to be dumping in insurmountable speeds! Once you have cleared your line keep the rod up high and tight! The fish will do everything in the book to free it self. Once you have is subdued enjoy the fruit of your labor and bask in the beauty of this true speed king.

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Cheers Alex Tejeda

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