Lyons Outdoor Games 2015 – a Resurection

For 2015 Lyons Outdoor Games is back in business and renovated to be better than ever! This post-flood community is rebuilding fast and for 2015 both the ‘’Black Bear Hole’’ and the SSV creek race have undergone both natural and artificial restoration so we were competing on a whole new race course and playing in a brand new hole. For the creek race they started it at the bottom of the old course due to flood debris upstream but a seal launch just about ‘’Jihad’’ made for an added challenge and newly placed boulders made for a great race course in what used to be ‘the runnout’’. While Scott Shipley’s race kids knocked out many well-known names Dane Jackson was once again the fastest man on the course.
Down in town, the old freestyle spot fell in post-flood but that lowered the pool of the upstream ‘Black Bear’ hole making it a really powerful spot. Most athletes were challenged by the sticky-but-shallow surfer’s right side and flushy center and loop to piton or wa-thunk to paddle clack to missed roll on the sharp eddy line was a popular trick in practice but some extra flow from upstream was negotiated and the rides radically improved the morning of the comp. Suddenly loops were flying in every class and some combos were had in the Men’s Pro, with Dane Jackson once again coming out on top with a monster 1700 pt ride. There was a slalom race throughout he course and plenty of classes – from Cadet to Junior to ‘not so Pro’ so it was fun to see so many people of all ages and skill levels enjoying a warm sunny day but the river in the funky little town of Lyons, CO.



by Philip Robert


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