Off to Rügen we go!

In some states in Germany spawning season ends at the end of April.

Unfortunately not in the one I life in but there is this beautiful island called Rügen (Germany´s predator heaven) which is just about 4,5 hours by car when having a kayak on top. So 8 friends decided that we should start our season up there.

Camping, fishing barbecue… is there anything better? Let´s go for it!!


Dennis booked spots on a camping ground, which is just 30 minutes off the water. So the weather-forecast seemed ok and we heard from a befriended guide that the potential seemed quite good for the coming days. So I could hardly wait to go East.

We arrived late on a Friday night and had our first barbecue together. Perfect start to the weekend. Almost like a little kid I could hardly fall asleep being to excited about next days fishing. At 7 am we had a quick breakfast and I dragged my Big Tuna onto the beach. A little windy but pike- that´s what were after- prefer those kind of conditions instead of a swimming pool kind of atmosphere. An hour past without any contact in the deeper holes until suddenly Dennis started waving his arms. I paddled about 500 meters to get to him and asked him what the deal was. “Stapled- he replied- “ Just like as if they are stapled up here. I already had 3 fish within 10 minutes”. Luckily we were allowed to fish an area that you can´t get to by boat. Another huge advantage of a kayak!! And three casts later I had my first one on.

Bang! Within the next hour I also caught three pike. No huge ones but into the 70s I´d say. So not too bad for a start.


Rügen is also famous for the huge tribes of garfish that come into the so-called Bodden in early May. As I had never caught one before I decided to go for them now.

Man, what an amazing fishery that is… they follow your bait right to the boat and you get tones of bites a day. Here we mostly fish for them without any hooks- just a wool loop in a red color does the job for you. They have so many teeth that when they attack the lure and try to turn around the wool somehow becomes like a leash around their mouth. Pure fun! By doing so you also loose many fish but it is pure adrenaline when you have one on. Just like little torpedoes. The evening ended and most of us had their first garfish on a barbecue ever. Rounded up with some nice pork-chops the evening ended with a few drinks and befriended anglers who have their boat up there came by to exchange stories. Amazing!


So for the next day Hendrik and I decided to go a little further out as there are some deeper holes that normally hold large perch. A few kilometers of paddling in hefty wind we arrived at the spot, threw our drifting bags over board and started casting.

The second cast already hit the target. A medium-size pike attacked the lure and so my day could only get better. We caught a few more pike but unfortunately no huge ones. And none of us caught a perch either. But all in all we caught many fish that weekend, had a blast with good friends and the most important: time off to relax and think about nothing but nature and kayak-fishing. In one two words: Pure FUN!!

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