Easy Cuda Kayak Blind – Part 1

With kayak hunting becoming ever more popular, especially waterfowl hunting, a way to conceal from the birds on a kayak is extremely important. There are several blind setups out on the market, but for those that would rather make one for themselves, this is a simple blanket style setup for the Cuda series from Jackson kayak that, can be done in an afternoon. By using burlap and/or camouflage netting allows for easy addition of concealment of a grass whether man made or natural, thanks to both being a “net” make this capable, and there really cheap depending on where you get them.


What you will need:

  • Kayak
  • 1 Burlap roll (Lowes or Home Depot sells rolls of 3’x24’) or camouflage netting
  • Green and Black Spray paint
  • Scissors
  • old fishing hook (preferably one with a large hook eye)
  • decoy cord
  • blind grass (can be store bought, or if you want to use natural, pick it a day or two before each trip to keep it fresh)
  • Zip ties

So let us get started, you want to unroll the burlap or netting(we are going to call this the base layer). Start at the bow, leaving at least a foot to a foot and a half of extra and go all the way till you have at least two feet of extra off the stern. Now cut starting behind the seat at the corner and work forward towards the bow, stop at the end of the footwell, cut across and head back to the seat. Remove the square of base layer and set aside. This is the foundation of the blind. Now cut holes at the handles as well as anywhere you can strap the blind to the boat, the cuda is perfect for this thanks to the rod straps along the gunnels. TIP: before you cut make sure you are aligned at all sides nothing is worse then cutting on one side and finding that you pulled on it and left you with no material on the other…trust me on this it is frustrating.

Blind beginning front homemade sewing needle blind beginning rear

securing the base

Take the roll of base layer and cut two, four to five foot sections these two pieces will be sewn together to become the blanket that will help conceal you.

blanket pre sewn

(Burlap makes this easy, if you are using netting, depending on the size, many times all you need is one piece and the piece of extra that you cut off already) Now for the burlap: take the decoy cord and cut a 6’ section. Next, cut the hook at the bend, this is now the needle (resourceful huh) and sew the two pieces together, leaving at least an inch of overlap because burlap has a tendency to rip, so leaving this extra will help negate this issue. If using netting, you can use zip-ties for this, and is what I prefer using. Once those two are sewn together, you then have to sew the blanket to the forward section of the base, begin 4 inches from the end of your corner cut and work across till you are 4 inches from the other side, this is to secure it to the base, do this for burlap as well as netting.

decoy cord

sewing the blanket

blanket together

blanket sewn to base

blanket sewn

the blanket to base sewed together

Camouflage netting is already setup for you so no need to paint. If using burlap, remove the blind from the kayak, and lay it on the ground, now taking the spray paint begin randomly spraying the burlap, have fun with this, there is no right pattern, but pay attention to areas that have decals, or “bright” areas of the boat i.e. hatches, buckles, etc.  What you are doing is adding a background to your blind. By mixing two “dark” colors you are essentially breaking up your silhouette as well as helping to mask any “unnatural” colors that may be present. Let this dry.

This is part 1 of the tutorial, part 2 we will add concealment to the blind and talk about how the setup in the field should go. Till next time, tight lines and full skies!



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