Easy Cuda Kayak Blind – Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the Cuda blind. In this section we finish the concealment portion and talk a little about where and how you want to setup in the field to help in concealing yourself. This is a good time to decide on what grass or man made grass you are going to use.

While the burlap is drying go ahead and start prepping your grass or man made “grass”. I used whoop grass, one box covers a 12 foot boat rather well. Use zip-ties to make your bunches, make sure you add a second zip-tie to allow you to anchor the bunch to the burlap or netting If your going to use hand picked grass then you need to pay attention to what you are using. I love using natural grass, but for long term storage is an issue so you need to pay attention to what you are going to leave on your blind, you can’t treat it the same way as a whoop grass or any of the other man made grass. But, if you mix the two, use a man made grass as a base and then when out in the field use the natural vegetation around you, it will save you time in setting up as well as conceal you to match the surrounding area in a more natural way.

the grassy beginnings

Okay, so lets get this thing concealed, start at the bow, what you want is a centered clump thats going to cover the point of the bow. Remember in nature points aren’t sharp, so by “softening” the bow with a clump [image 2-2] (easiest way to explain it) you soften the edge. Your next group is going to be on either side of center line allowing the ends to fall over the side. Go up a ways and add a new bunch on the center line, this one should cover the hatch up front, I like to leave a small gap for adding some natural vegetation, a tree branch or a clump of natural grass adds depth as well as contrast, do this till you get to the blanket portion of your blind. When you get to the connection to the blanket, only add to the blanket don’t worry about the base as the blanket is going to cover this area and adding to much to a spot like this will only get in the way. Once to the end of the blanket, work from the stern and move toward the bow, I prefer to only cover the stern up to the tank well, this is because I like to add a piece of brush, large branch, cattails or even putting a sleeper decoy with grass around it when I am quartered to the spread or side to.

fully grassed

side profile


stern grass

side profile bow shot

The great thing about the blanket style is now that you have it grassed, you can roll it up tight and store it in a dry area. In the picture, you see how I load my tank well. The shells have flotation on the bottoms to turn them into floaters, they work great but if you want a lot of motion stick to 2 to 3 true floaters. If your hunting the early duck segments, in many areas, goose is not open, but, a small bag with smaller decoys i.e. teal, bufflehead(this one is always in my spread for a small duck they stand out thanks to the black and white contrast, plus you can put two or three out in the middle of any spread as they are very social and love all ducks.) Or you can put an Orion Cooler 25 Qt. (www.orioncoolers.com) in the spot as well.

When you get to your spot, unload and set your decoys first. After your decoys are set and you have everything in place, go ahead and unroll and strap down your blind. Now, go out and find some vegetation to add to your blind, I like small bushes, reeds, pine boughs etc. use zip-ties to fill in any “holes”. When you blend it in, think about where your putting the natural vegetation, sticks and hard pieces are difficult to keep right on the blanket, but great on static areas, Grass and soft reeds are all around pieces and work well on all spots of the blind as they move freely and creates layers. Also if you can find a spot that is in the shade then you are in the game as shade softens edges and keeps the birds from seeing you.

So there you go, a quick blind that will last you all year, its cheap and keeps you comfortably concealed until its time to CUT’EM! Have fun and get out there!

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