Finding the right body of water

Have you ever found yourself in a slump of fishing the same body of water repeatedly? That is exactly where I found myself a few weeks ago. Since May, I have been fishing Lake St. Clair weekly, and I have just recently gotten sick of it. I have had great success on that lake so far this year, but I needed something new. I tried to change it up and fish local inland lakes, but it felt too similar.
My friend and I have been scouting old gravel pits and small ponds. It has been a little frustrating, because we usually have to speak with the property owner, and sometimes that does not go well. Scouting is a pretty simple thing to do, and it has always been fun to me. We start by circling all of the small ponds and gravel pits indicated on one section of a single county map. Then, we drive around all day stopping at each spot and asking for permission. The key to getting access is to be very polite and honest. Maybe a gift card to a restaurant would be in order if you want to revisit the spot. Also wearing your life jacket and following all of the conservation laws will ensure the landowners that they can trust you.
These gravel pits and small ponds are just what I needed to get back on track with my kayak fishing success. Variety and simplicity is key to my fishing preferences. My Coosa HD paired up with my Orion Cooler is perfect for these types of waters. I can easily carry the HD by myself which is very important when you need to get to the water quickly so you don’t spook the property owner.


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