Triple Play


Everyone created a “todo” list where you have things you want to scratch off. In this particular intense I have always wanted to target triple tail off the west coast. It was a donating task with little information shared. I started doing my home work and searching area where they are frequently caught. After establishing an area on the southwest coast of Florida I began contacting people via social media outlets to narrow down my search. To my surprise I was being helped and lots of data was coming in. I sat down on sifted through all the information. With a solidified game plan the next step wad researching launch sites that were safe and vehicle friendly. With a State Park in ground zero I decided a early morning run across Alligator Alley will get me to the location right on time. With time to spare I sat down on the vice and tied a few shrimp pattern flies for this occasion. Without a hitch I made the drive across the state and was met by clam conditions. I made a systems check and made sure all my gear was lined up and ready for a full day on the water. After paddling through some breakers it was clear sailing. I followed the game plan to the teeth.


I began my hunt for Crab pots and found my first string. After following it for quite some distance no fish where seen. I began to wondered if this ambition to search for new fish was the right idea. I collected my self and as I always do began to analyze the area. I began to think like a fish and outside box. After several lines of traps produce no fish I was losing hope. With time running out I found what I was looking for. The majority of the crab trap run south to north but a few lines run east to west. My analytical mind began turning and figured these pelagic fish will be coming from the gulf and encounter pots more frequently line in this direction. I put the theory to the test and in short order I was finding triple tail in every other pot. Now a little thing about triple tail. They are ambush predators that lie in wait for an unsuspecting bait fish, shrimp or small crab. They love structure that floats and will sit tight these oasis waiting for prey to come up to it. If you don’t look closely you will miss one thinking its floating debris or grass. They will lie on their side floating on the surface.


How to catch a Triple tail on fly was my next step after finding them. As I said earlier they are ambush predators with exceptional vision. Keep leader down to 20 lb minimum. Small fly that mimic a shrimp work best. Here the tough part… Your cast must be dialed in and close to the fish just cast over him. The bites seemed to be more frequent with I brought my presentation toward the pot mimicking a bait fish running to structure. They are aggressive eater and once you have their attention they will chase their prey down with tenacity. The eats is very visual so fight the urge to strike fast. Wait for the fish to eat with a quick 2 second pause before sinking the hook. Once you have him hooked they will run down toward the bottom and even jump at times. These tasty critters are fun to catch and look at and made great table fare. You have a chance to target these fish don’t miss out on this opportunity.
Cheers Alex Tejeda

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