Steve Fisher Attempting to Break New Ground- Again- a Kayaking Kickstarter that YOU can be Part Of!


When Steve approached me with the idea that he wanted to do his first ever whitewater kayaking instructional film, funded by Kickstarter, I was excited.    The two things that excited me most where:

1. Steve only makes epic films.

2. Nobody has ever done a kayaking related KickStarter project, so if this works, it could open a whole new way for kayakers to fund projects that other kayakers were interested in.

The key to a Kickstarter project is that the people funding it (“buying into it”) and getting something in return.    In this case there are a variety of options for everyone’s budget.     Yes, there are some funny options, like Date Night, with three single kayakers (Dane, Pat, and Ben).    A good easy one for those want instruction can get the “Paddle with a Pro” clinic with one of us- $500/day.

Check out the options here!



OK- so you still want more information, or are thinking about being a part of it?      Click here:


I am excited to work with Steve, Pat, Ben, and Dane on this instructional video!  River Running and more will be covered!





Comments on “Steve Fisher Attempting to Break New Ground- Again- a Kayaking Kickstarter that YOU can be Part Of!”

  1. Jon Coulter
    January 27, 2019 at 11:50 pm

    This thing was a total fraud. We funded it to over his goal and never received a thing.

    1. February 2, 2019 at 11:40 am

      Yeah I’ve heard that – really sorry that our good friend let you down! He is a real perfectionist and I assumed it would be an amazingly edited piece – I am not sure why it was never completed. He was teaching clinics all over for over a year afterwards and I think just didn’t budget his time / $ as carefully as was required. Steve is no longer on Team Jackson Kayak but is currently filming and editing content in other industries to pay the bills. He’s an amazing film maker – I really hope he finishes the project and gets these to his supporters because anything he does he does so well. Clay

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