Lumpy Waters 2015

As a child I watched as bugs bunny gave Pete the Puma 5 lumps. This year marked the 7th annual Lumpy Waters Kayak Symposium in Pacific City, Oregon.  We were given a mixed bag of conditions trending from small surf (little lumps) to huge surf that delivered a lotta lumps.

This was a great event for paddlers of all skill levels to get acquainted with what the sea has to offer. Under the guidance of top coaches and assistants the students comfort and abilities accelerated!

An event like this could not survive without the organization and positive energy that  Paul Kuthe, Suzi Elle, and Dave Slover provide. Check out the Lumpy Waters Video for a bit of what went on and how gorgeous this place is.  This is put on by Alder Creek Canoe and Kayak.

I found the Journey, Fun series, and Karma RG kayaks to outperform other craft  in both the classroom setting and out playing in what the sea gaves us.

  1. Jackson Kayak Journey gave paddlers a sense of balance and forgiveness that abled them to learn vs. surf-vive.
  2. The whitewater kayaks gave the ease of rolling improvement, and pure fun in the dynamic ocean conditions.

You can expect next year to sell out fast as this is the premier kayak symposium to learn and mingle about the ocean.

A special thanks to Jackson Kayak for supporting both Cate Hawthorne (Cate’s Blog) and I, and for being a sponsor of Lumpy Waters Kayak Symposium 2015


Team of paddlers assisting Sugar Cookie as he learns to control his kayak when broached in the surf zone. photo Cate Hawthorne

Lumpy Waters Pool Session

Cate Hawthorne gives a few words of encouragement in the beginning of “rolling check-up” photo Mathew Hoff

Jackson Kayak Karma RG

Jeff Laxier surfing into a rock garden. Photo Cate Hawthorne

Saltwood Paddles Double Happiness and Jackson Kayak Karma RG

Chris Bench paddling along the rocks at Cascade Head, Oregon. photo Cate Hawthorne

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