300 miles



Every summer I start making my migration down the Overseas High Way in search of the big three. With predominate east winds light and muggy it only means long paddles lots of polling and number of shots on fly at bonefish permit and tarpon. I do this trip twice week averaging 300 miles a trip. 3 hour car drive is peaceful and full of energy. Once I arrival I make short work and get all my gear on the Big Rig and on the water.


Randy Marrow is always ready and amped to get on some fish and explore. This summer I decided to go outside the box and explore some new areas that paid off. With larger numbers of bonefish invading the flats this summer Randy and my self focused are attention on these silver bullets. With several days of variable winds looming ahead I made the drive down and decide to pole a particular flat we had successful found fish weeks prior. With tides flowing out clam winds we knew the fish would there. It only took minutes and we where surrounded by big bonefish. I continued my path and found two dozen fish tailing. I knew I had one shot at this fish and zero room for error. I made the cast and made a small slow strip and came tight. In a fraction of second I clear 30 feet of line on my deck and was stretching into my backing. I knew this was not my average fish. 5 minutes into the battle the fish was still dumping my reel.


After 10 grueling minutes I began to make some ground. Randy joined the fight and was cheering me on. After several almost heart breaking moments I finally got my fish glimpse of this fish. It was Monster. The moment I put my hand on its belly I knew I achieved a new goal and landed a double digit bonefish on fly sight casted from my kayak. Thanks to Randy I was able to make quick work with the photos and video and set this beautiful specimen free in healthily statues.

Cheers Alex Tejeda

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