2015 FUN Review


I really got to know the 2015 FUN this summer after spending 17 straight days paddling it down the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. Basically, the relationship I have had with the 2015 FUN has lasted longer than some of my boyfriends. . . huh, um. Ok, back to the boat. This was the perfect boat for the Grand Canyon. First thing is the diversity. Like many raft supported Grand Canyon trips, many of us were put on double duty. Sometimes on the oars and sometimes in a kayak, therefore it is really nice to bring a boat that can be paddled by anyone. The FUN is just that. I was able to paddle it without any problems at 5’6″ and 135 pounds, and I was able to share it with other boaters all the way up to about 190-200 pounds.

Second thing is comfort. It doesn’t happen often, but you might have a couple 6-8 hour on water days while in the canyon. You don’t want your legs going to sleep, you don’t want your back to start hurting, and you don’t want your toes to start cramping. I had none of this. I was able to pop my knees out whenever I needed to move, and when I needed the lumbar support from the JK back band, I tightened it down to remind me to sit with good posture. The hip pads also moved high enough so there wasn’t any extra pressure on my thighs and hips which can often cause tingling in your legs.


Last thing is how it paddled. As many of you know, there is some BIG water in the canyon, there is some flat water in the canyon, and there is some catch on the fly play in the canyon. The FUN does it all. The FUN felt fast on the flat water. I was able to maneuver it and have complete control over the boat in big water. Also, the FUN can front surf steep/flat waves and stern squirt those boily eddy lines like a champ. The FUN was also a good boat to put beginners in. It is stable enough to put a spray skirt on any rafter that wanted to try something different, and attempt to teach those braves ones how to roll. I would put this boat on the Christmas list of anyone thinking of paddling the Grand Canyon this year. Or. . . anyone paddling any river this year.

Happy Paddling
Jessica Yurtinus

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