Skookumchuck: a Glassy Paradise

Skookumchuck is a one of a kind gem. It is one of the few tidal waves, which means it is formed upon the incoming tides, and only lasts for a couple hours before the tide goes back out. Skook is one of the most perfect waves you could ever find, its glassy face, smooth double shoulders and combination of foamy pile to stay in the wave as well as steep face to get maximum airtime, and it is wide enough for several paddlers at once.


I had the opportunity to paddle this epic wave this spring while filming with the Adidas Sickline team. It was such a blast to just paddle the wave, but even better to double surf and share the experience some with of my close friends.

Check out this video of myself and Mathieu Dumoulin double surfing the famous Skookumchuck Narrows.

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