2015 Favorites

It’s been an amazing year with JK boats around the world!01.-Ano-Nuevo

01. Access Ano Nuevo – Rio Ano Nuevo, Patagonia, Chile. February 2015
I love hiking, especially when it has kayaking at the end. There was great potential for a phenomenal first descent of the Rio Ano Nuevo after we hiked in ~30 miles over 5 days, only to be thwarted by a proper Patagonian rain storm that resulted in a flooding river. As hard as it was to hike back out, it was the safest thing to do, and we did get to paddle down a different river we had hiked up to access the Ano Nuevo.


02. Zeta – Rio Futaleufu, Patagonia, Chile. January 2015
The Futaleufu River has carved potholes and tunnels in the bedrock at Zeta, making it the most dangerous rapid on the Futaleufu. A low snowpack and resulting low water-level made it much more forgiving, but still spectacular.


03. Beriman Heli Scout – Beriman River, West New Britain, Papua New Guinea. June 2015
The gorges of the Beriman River were so deep and steep-sided that the only reasonable way to scout the whitewater was by helicopter. This allowed us to see the whole river, take notes, and basically make a map of how we wanted to make the kayaking first descent descent. This photo is of the first gorge in a series of thirteen.


04. Beriman Gorge Entrance – Beriman River, West New Britain, Papua New Guinea. June 2015
The Beriman flows off the south side of the uplifted plateau of the Nakani Mountains and cuts a nearly 4000 foot deep limestone canyon as it descends to the Solomon Sea. The mountains are known for caves and underground rivers, making for a somewhat scary but incredibly beautiful descent, with waterfalls often spouting out of the gorge walls.


05. Heart of the Beriman – Beriman River, West New Britain, Papua New Guinea. June 2015
Once in the gorge, there was only one way out. Parts of the river were unnavigable by kayak, so we would have to climb the canyon walls to bypass them then descend back to the water to continue paddling. This was our entrance to Gorge 4 after climbing around Gorge 3.


06. Box Canyon Camp – Box Canyon, Clark’s Fork of the Yellowstone River, Wyoming. July 2015
One of the most spectacular canyons in North America and just outside of Yellowstone NP, Box Canyon of the Clark’s Fork of the Yellowstone River is a truly awesome river descent. I drove from Oregon to Wyoming to paddle it and revel in its unique and powerful nature, mostly inaccessible to anyone other than kayakers and climbers. This was one of my favorite moments on the trip, serenity by the fire between the adrenaline fueled days.


07. Box Canyon Whitewater – Box Canyon, Clark’s Fork of the Yellowstone River, Wyoming. July 2015
Overnight summer rains brought the level of the river up and changed it from a clear green to muddy brown, making the kayaking a little trickier for not being able to see rocks as well under water. This was one of the major rapids in the canyon, called Dillworth.

08. Wowllawas

08. Wowllawas – Wallowa Mountains, Eastern Oregon. August 2015
I had wanted to visit these tucked away eastern Oregon mountains for a long time and finally took an open door opportunity and loved every minute of the four day trip camping around in the perfect weather and with perfect company. For a little inspiration, sometimes you just need a backpack and a little motivation to see somewhere new.

10. Glacier Exploring

09. Alaska Glacier Kayaking – Kayaking below the Root Glacier near McCarthy, AK. August 2015
I can’t recommend paddling this close to a glacier cave in the summer as just minutes after leaving, a 40-foot span of ice broke free from the entrance and sent us surfing away on mini tidal waves. I can only recommend going to see these amazing glaciers as they are receding at unprecedented rates, which is a mixed bag for kayakers. Receding glaciers are opening some amazing new sections of river to descend.

09. Alaska Glacier Kayaking

10. Glacier Exploring – Exploring ice caves in the Root Glacier near McCarthy, AK. August 2015
Exploring the otherworldly atmosphere inside the Root Glacier before paddling the river flowing out from under the massive sheet of ice.

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