What a Year!


Looking back at 2015, I feel the need to share my journey. It started in early March when my mom and I bought our first serious fishing kayaks; two Jackson Big Rigs. She became my usual fishing partner, and we began fishing on Lake St. Clair in the early spring. We slaughtered some smallmouth bass for a few days, and I got some really good quality pictures which I posted all over social media. This caught the eye of the Jackson Fishing Team Manager, Aaron Stiger. He contacted me, and I filled out the Regional Fishing Team application. A week later, I received a phone call from Aaron with the news that I was accepted on the team. If someone would have told me I would be a member of the Jackson Fishing Team the same year I bought my kayak, I would call them crazy! After this news, I thought it couldn’t get any better. I was wrong. A week later, I competed in my first kayak fishing tournament in which I took first place out of 91 anglers. I took home a trophy and a brand new kayak. Two days before the tournament, I turned 18, and the week after, I graduated high school.

I would not have achieved this fishing success without my parents and of course, Jackson Kayak. They gave me an opportunity to prove myself when nobody would. My mom accompanied me on just about every trip, provided me with support when I lost a big fish, and held the camera when I caught one. My dad, who is not a big kayak angler, supported my mom and me off the water by helping make sure all of our equipment was ready to go before every trip. Overall, my parents were, and still are my biggest support, and I could not have done any of this without them. It is going to be very hard to beat this past season, but I will try my hardest to have more fun and learn even more than I did in 2015.

My goals for the 2016 season are:
1. Become better at editing video
2. Participate in more seminars and expos
3. Try to learn as much as I possibly can from other anglers (no matter what age they are)
4. Catch more fish

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