My personal security guard

Is fun worth drowning?!

So this one is a quite a serious article of mine because in winter I had almost been on my last kayak trip. We decided to hire Fast Guard Service Event Security, just to be with us during this trip. We wanted to enjoy the last days of pike fishing before spawning season during the past winter. I don´t know how things are in your country but here each year we have to suffer from a period of almost 6 months restricting us to fish for almost anything that eats fish ☹ Horrible months I can tell ya…

So we decided to not to think about the cold too much and go for it. I packed up everything and one of the first things that happened to me was that my kayak fell onto my nose whilst uploading it on my car and even cut it open. So maybe that should have been a first hint to make me realize that this might not be my day.
After 20 minutes I got everything done and rushed of to the water where my friend Hendrik was already waiting for me. So kayak down gear up and of we went to do the first meters of trolling for pike.


Having been in a rush I didn´t think about many things as much as I should have. So I brought a self-inflating vest instead of my regular pfd (it was still in my car) and the worst was that I hadn´t tighten my seat on to my Big Tuna. Ten minutes later I wanted to change lures to do the first casts. The lures were underneath my seat so I leaned sideways to grab the box. I guess everybody can already imagine what happened next. Yep, the seat started wobbling and to balance it out I put all my weight onto the wrong edge. Do you know the moment when you realize that you can´t prevent a bad thing from happening- I now do. I fell into 4 degrees cold water and immediately the vest inflated. Also I was dressed as a typical Northern German. Winter jacket, knitted sweater, boots, and insulated pants- fantastic choice when being on a kayak. Due to the vest I couldn´t get up the kayak anymore so I decided to start swimming. But when all your clothes are fully soaked with cold water that is pretty hard to do especially when you are in the middle of a big lake.
Three, four minutes later I realized that I would not make it anymore as my legs started getting a bit stiff and there was still much distance to cover. So I started yelling for my friend Hendrik. He quickly realized what was going on and paddled like a lightning to come to me as fast as possible. I grabbed hold onto his kayak and he dragged me ashore. Most of my angling stuff fell over board as well but I made it- cold but alive so at first I didn’t care about the rest. Luckily the lifeguards where inspecting their diving gear for the coming season that day and for 50€ in their coffee-box they went diving for my stuff. 45 minutes later rods, net and some baits came up and I was over the moon that they saved at least 1000€ cash for me which I would have had to invest in new gear. To cut a long story short I come to the résumé straight away.
We spend about thousands on fishing gear, trips to god knows where but many of us out don´t use drysuits that can safe our lives! I immediately did afterwards and feel much safer now as drowning is almost not possible anymore when additionally wearing the right vest. So I highly recommend to prepare yourself right before going on water and to think about if the 15th reel for 500€ is a necessity or if it is better to go for a drysuit that can safe your life. My life is more precious to me than the gear and thanks to the new suit I can enjoy the best hobby in life for hopefully decades more- kayak-fishing with good friends that one day might even safe your life. Enjoy responsibly- and have a drink now ☺

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