Big Bassin’ in the Cuda 12


The Cuda 12 is one of if not the most popular selling model in the fishing line up. There is a reason for this; it’s fast, light, stable, and can sneak you into narrow and tight quarters better than other models. The Cuda 12 has been the starting boat for me this year for all of the reasons mentioned above. Using it as a grab and go boat I have been able to get onto some big bass in small water close to the house without having the hassle of having to load the trailer and pack all of my gear.


Armed with one or two rods, a small box of baits, a PFD, and a paddle and you can be on the water catching fish in no time at all. Several small ponds and impoundment around WV hold big bass and sometimes the access isn’t great so having the Cuda has been extremely beneficial to me.


Earlier this spring I was able to land this 20.5 inch largemouth that weighed almost 6 pounds on a zman chatterbait in Houdini color. I also landed several other quality bass during this short three hour trip to a little local gem. Pitching that chatter bait up into the weeds and reeling it quickly across the top of them and letting it pause once it hit open water and jigging it a couple times was when the bites would occur.


One great thing about the smaller models that Jackson makes is you don’t need a whole lot of time or assistance to get yourself on the water and into some fish. Don’t let time constraints hold you back from your next trophy!

Grab that yak and get out there!

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