Hiwassee River Dynamic Duo Tandem First Decent

Kayaking is a family activity that can be enjoyed a lifetime. Parents ask when kids are ready for kayaking. Parents must be prepared as well as kids. Keep it fun for everyone. Environment, experience, equipment, preparation, and support are important considerations. Parents should be familiar and comfortable with the paddling environment, prepared for an out of boat experience, and accompanied by support boaters. Kids should be equipped with the proper gear, comfortable in the paddling environment, comfortable swimming, and know how to react if they take a swim. Keep it safe and fun. Tandem kayaks allow kids to experience the independence and comfort of their own seat and paddle. Allow kids to play, and enjoy the environment rather than demanding complete focus on paddling. Jackson Kayak provides amazing family kayak options including a variety of kid’s kayaks, and tandem kayaks. Jackson Kayak manufactures the Dynamic Duo, Big Tuna, Kilroy-DT, Rivera-T, and new 2017 Tripper-T. Our current tandem selections are a Jackson Kayak Big Tuna, and Kilroy-DT. A Dynamic Duo could be in our future. I am always thankful for excellent outfitters to round out paddling gear needs. Rock Creek Outfitters offers a variety of rental options, including the Dynamic Duo. We called to secure gear for our first trip down the Hiwassee River together in a kayak. Milo is no stranger to the Hiwassee River. Milo’s first paddling experience was at nine months old on a lake in a tandem kayak. His mother held him, and I paddled. We advanced to moving water quickly, and by the time he was one year old, he was sitting in my lap enjoying class I river paddles. We rafted the Hiwassee River at age three and four. Rafting whitewater is more forgiving than kayaking. At five years old, we were ready to tackle the Hiwassee River in a Jackson Kayak Dynamic Duo. We practiced wet exits before paddling to develop a level of comfort, and to monitor his reaction. We do not have a wet exit routine including him popping a neoprene skirt. His comfort level is wearing a nylon skirt, or no skirt to allow a safe exit. We enjoyed an amazing day paddling the Hiwassee River with friends. Milo paddled, enjoyed the scenery, played, and had fun.




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