Cuda HD First Impression


I had the chance to run up to the Jackson factory in Sparta Tennessee a few weeks ago to help out with the dealer summit. I was excited to see old friends and meet new ones but I had a bonus waiting for me; my brand new custom colored Cuda HD. The color wizards had knocked this one out of the park so it looked great but this was going to be my first time in it and I couldn’t wait to launch it. I had been in a Coosa HD for the past year so I was interested in seeing the differences. The first thing I noticed was how easy the Cuda HD was to get up to speed and keep there. It is one fine paddling craft! The stability is a bit different from the Coosa HD but after a little leaning I figured out just how much I could push it and was comfortably standing before long. The new front hatch is awesome and the new latches are great since the eliminated the bungee that used to hang my hooks. The rod tubes will be handy in tall grass but with 2 rod tubes plus rocket launchers and my Jkrate; I can store 7 rods vertically without even using the tubes for normal running! The new seat set up is impressive; by pulling pins I can easily go from low to high and with the tracks I can trim the seat to fine tune how I want the kayak to paddle. Forward makes it track like an arrow and rearward it makes it a bit more maneuverable. I was really enjoying discovering the new boat and catching a few fish but there was work to do and fun to be had. Two of the highlights were when my friend Samantha decided to turn the new Cuda HD into a tandem and when Eric Jackson did a “MaryLou” over the bow of my new boat. post2 post3

I know it is early to do a review of a new kayak so this is just a quick overview. Y’all give me a little bit of time and my dad and I will give you a full walk through video on the water and fill you in on what I think about it. So far I am very impressed!

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