Traverse 10 Review

Karma Traverse: Versatility, Access, Fun 

The Rogue River in Southern Oregon is home to me, where I learned to paddle and love the river. It’s often the first place I get to paddle a new boat and see how it feels compared to all the other boats I’ve paddled on the Rogue over the years. It’s not the hardest whitewater, but it’s the perfect testing arena to feel out a new design. 

The first time I used the Karma Traverse 10 on the Rogue, I knew it was going to be a good boat for me. Versatility was what immediately stood out. A whitewater design with a few aspects usually seen on sea kayaks, this boat can access almost anywhere. It felt great paddling class 3-4, a super fun and friendly mix of the regular Karma and the Unlimited. Still very fast, but easy to boof and maneuver. Then drop the skeg and fire away through the flat water!

Along the coast of Southern BC is where I got to really appreciate the Traverse for the first time. We easily packed the rear hatch with overnight gear, plenty of food, wine, and headed out into the ocean for a few days of paddling in the fjords and beautiful islands of the Sunshine Coast. This trip navigating in the ocean and camping in isolated pockets of coastal wonders was one of the best parts of my summer, made possible by the Traverse. 

I wonder where it will take me next? A boat that I can paddle in class V then go on multi-day sea kayaking trips truly defines versatility, and I can only imagine what’s next with the Traverse.

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