Custom sight-fishing platform for the Kilroy DT

When I first got a chance to paddle the Kilroy DT, I knew it would be a great kayak for fishing with a partner and using it for sight fishing. Being a sit inside kayak with a sit-on-top format for Tandem fisherman, it tracks great, paddles fast
and gets in super skinny water. With a low center of gravity, it has stability for anglers to both stand, with the angler in the back positioning the kayak, while the front angler makes the shot.

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The Kilroy DT has built in YakAttack gear tracks running down both sides of the deck and has a 6 inch piece of track across the front and back of the deck. These are generally used for attaching Ram rod holders, Raymarine GPS /depth finders or one of many of the YakAttack accessories. Probably the second time out on the DT, a friend and I were out chasing redfish in semi- clear water and decided to stand on the gunnels to get a better angle on the water. That was when I decided to have a custom aluminum casting platform made for the DT.

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The platform was designed to attach on the front with a Ram Ball rod holders and on the upper side gear tracks, using standard track bolts. This allows the front angler to leave their rod up on the platform while they paddle, between sight fishing. After having the platform made I realized it can attach perfectly to the back tracks too, making it a casting or poling platform.

IMG_20160408_120133 IMG_20160817_200906
Fishing off the Kilroy DT with the platform is a lot of fun and has a some great benefits. Basically it gives the angler the height of being on the deck of a skiff while having the stealth kayak imprint on the water.

Fly from the casting deck of a Kilroy DT has a ton a benefits. One of the things I noticed is how good it works for two anglers to chase spooky fish in tight areas. The last few pictures are some of the snook and juvenile tarpon, we were able to sneak into some really small water to get them.

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