Smallie Paradise

I spent two days fishing in smallie paradise was the next adventure on the list I was meeting a group of friends I have not fished with or seen in a very long time. This body of water is in a remote part of Northern California. Between the surrounding mountains, trees wildlife and people I was fishing with this place has a special place in my heart. The species of fish that are contained in this body of water are small mouth, large mouth and spotted bass along with catfish, carp and trout.

           First day on the water and within 5 minutes I hook into a beautiful small mouth bass just pushing 17 ¾. I went back to the house grabs some food and baits I had forgotten. In the following four hrs Nick, Annie and myself put a clinic on with nick and I catching over 100 fish. The fish came on Carolina rigged senkos, wacky rigged senkos, Ned rigs, drop shotting, crank baits and jigs.

            Day two I didn’t get on the water till around 10 as I was waiting for some friends Clay and Venn to come up and enjoy the slay fest that was going on. Got them launched with specific instructions to pass by all the stuff you would normally fish and head up back north towards us. Well 40 minutes later I decide to head back towards the launch because they had clearly stopped. Sure enough as I get to them they say how do I expect them to not stop and fish everything, its just so fishy.

           They immediately get on fish and its all smile from that point forward. I took a little break and took a sweet little hike up the rapids with a great view of the river. I didn’t even bother counting how many fish were caught but all of us got tons of fish.

           As we got back to the dock there was a kid named Jordan who was could not be anymore then 9 years old. He was all by himself and came down to the river everyday after school to fish. We had some squaw fish we gave him for bait then clay proceeded to show him how to rig some soft plastics and gave them to him. It was a great conversation and to see kids still grow up that way is nice to know. The kid was not afraid to kill the fish then gut it to put on a hook.

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