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What’s up guys, my name is Drew Gregory and many online may actually know me as “BasserDrew.” I am blessed to be a professional kayak angler, where I primarily design and promote great fishing boats for all the kayak anglers out there! I have been fishing since my mom and dad could put a rod and reel in my hand, but kayak fishing exclusively since early 2003, and have been fortunate to land many citation sized fish. However, similar to how a parent gets more joy out of watching their child catch that trophy, today I get a bigger thrill watching others out there catch their lunker out of boats that the the Jackson team and I have developed to make your kayak fishing as stellar as possible!

I was born in Fort Worth, TX, grew up in Atlanta, GA, went to college in Cleveland, TN, but currently reside in Charlotte, NC, where I am sort of a big kid in that I treat the waters in the southeast like a giant playground! I refuse to grow up. I refuse to listen to others when they say “it can’t be done.” The word “impossible” is not in my vocabulary, except for just then when I had to use it to tell you that it wasn’t in my vocabulary…haha. I love life and am excited to share my passion for it with others. I know I am annoyingly optimistic and that is why every year I still think the Atlanta Braves, Falcons and Georgia Bulldogs will win the championship…it rarely happens…but, there is always next year! Told you I was annoyingly optimistic.


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  1. Jay Blanchard
    January 11, 2017 at 3:39 pm

    Hey Drew . I have been fishing the world famous Hwy 36 bridge to the bottom of yellow jacket for about 12 years now – mostly wading the river . I had a pal that passed away a couple years back that owned property below the Riverbend reataurant and we just jumped in and had at it . I just happened along a single fisherman last year camping on the banks at The FLint Outdoor center last spring -John Japuntich – we fished down to the podiddy bridge and had a blast . Did not know you Guy’s were pals until I just watched one of your videos. Cool . This was my first introduction to a Jackson Kayak . That Coosa John had looked like a fine boat . Since , I have purchased my own Coosa , just happened to find a new 2015 Model in camo and can’t wait to hit the shoals with this boat and I know it will be a fun ride .Maybe we will see you around the river sometime .

    1. January 11, 2017 at 4:31 pm

      That’s awesome Jay! Thanks for sharing the story and I look forward to hopefully running into you on the river some day! Enjoy that Coosa and believe me when I tell you that she likes to be taken on wild, crazy adventures no matter how rocky or remote the river is.

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