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Fishing is in my blood; ingrained in my DNA like thread woven into fabric.  I was taught to fish by my father and grandfather as an integral, life skill.  My youth was spent exploring the banks of North Alabama’s ponds and rivers, searching for big bass and adventure; daydream of tournament wins and becoming a professional angler.  However, I yearned to escape those banks to explore, go farther, and fish waters I could not reach.  After I graduated college, kayak fishing, spearheaded by guys like Drew Gregory, exploded onto the angling scene and provided the means to escape the banks and ply the unreachable waters I longed for.  I quickly fell in love with paddling and fishing all waters, but my true passion lies in exploring small, remote flows to unlock their guarded secrets; hard-fighting, river fish.  More than simply a mode of transportation, kayak fishing provides a medium for tournament competition, writing, videography, and blogging.  I launched my blog, Kayak Angler Southeast, in February 2012 and it has taken off like wildfire fueled by my burning passion for the sport of kayak fishing.  I truly enjoy sharing my adventures with other paddlers and introducing the sport to new anglers.  Although I am up for any angling challenge, catching trophy fish from my kayak using big swimbaits is my primary focus.  When I am not tournament fishing, I devote my time equally between rivers and mountain reservoirs stalking trophy black bass and striped bass with swimbaits.

Follow my adventures at riverstalkers.blogspot.com


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