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My name is Gunnar Ahlström and I am team leader for Jackson Pro Team Sweden. I am also owner of Fishing Camp PikeStrike located on the island Senoren in the beautiful archipelago of Karlskrona (South east Sweden). After a career in the military, that I left as a major in the Swedish Coast Rangers (Special Forces), I decided to work full time with the angling, to live my dream. Fishing is something I have done all my life mostly for pike, but also for perch, seatrout and salmon. At my camp there is a tackle shop, a kayak fishing shop, cottages by the sea, boats and Jackson Fishing kayaks. I guide guests from all over the world, write articles about kayak fishing and sometimes I give lectures during the fishing trade shows. The camp has among aother things hosted Jim Sammons Kayak Fishing Show.
I just love kayak fishing, something that I started to do several years ago, first with Freedom Hawks, then Emotion kayaks. One year ago I was visited by Jan Liska (Team Leader Europe) and got to try different types of Jackson Kayaks. I got really hooked. I regard the Jackson Kayaks to be the best of the best when it comes to fishing kayaks. I prefer to perform kayak fly fishing and for that the Big Tuna, The Cuda 14 and the Big Rig is just perfect. Below you can watch several video clips from my kayak fishing in “my”archipelago. You can also visit my website www.pikestrikesweden. If you by chance have the opportunity to come to Sweden, you are most welcome to my camp. Members of the Jackson Pro teams always have a free bed an a kayak when they come for a visit.
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