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My name is Sam Baxter, I live on the north east coast of England, UK. Living on the coast means most of my kayak fishing is on the North Sea where I target Cod, Pollock, Bass and Rays. When I get chance I also love freshwater fishing for our Pike and Perch, great fun!
Been fishing since I was a kid and kayak fishing since spring 2008 and I love it, a poor days fishing is a still a good day on the kayak!
Last year my wife finally said “if you can’t beat them join them” so now joins me kayak fishing whenever the sea is nice and calm, she really enjoys the peace and watching the wildlife.
When I’m not fishing I enjoy chainsaw wood carving and watching motorsport, for a short time I raced stockcars but found kayak fishing a lot cheaper and safer!

Tight lines 🙂

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