Adam Judge

I’m Adam Judge from the Great Lake state of Michigan. I have been fishing ever since I can remember chasing after my next bobber down. Many have said if there is water you’ll probably see me at least attempt to fish it no matter what it looks like. Spending days out on lakes and exploring around has been my past time for many years. I have been able to share that past time with family and friends that have made it part of their lives as well creating unforgettable memories.
     Now that I been kayak fishing for over eleven years that passion has only grown and taken my explorations further. I not only now explorer the waters now I compete on them through Kayak fishing tournaments. I have been competing in tournaments throughout the state the last four years. Tournament fishing has taken and challenged my skills from fishing the large lakes we have to the winding rivers. I have also had the privilege to kayak fish out of state and compete.
      With kayak fishing I only hope to continue to meet the great community of like minded anglers and kayakers and continue to spread the sport to those who wish to learn. I also hope to expand on my fresh water experience and make a change and try some salt water fishing in the near future.