Aidan Darlington

I am currently a Senior at Noblesville High School with plans to attend Purdue University in the fall of 2018. Fishing is and always will be a major part of my life. I intend to study Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology so that I might be able to help conserve local lakes and rivers that so many people enjoy just as much as I do. I grew up in Noblesville Indiana with a rod in my hand from the start. My fishing career started at the ponds in my neighborhood. I was fortunate enough to have had quite a few to choose from. Growing up fishing ponds taught me the basics of fishing but naturally I wanted more so In the fall of 2014 I found myself in a Jackson Kilroy and I never looked back.


Kayak fishing gave me the opportunity to explore new fisheries that I previously never had access to. One of the most influential trips I ever took in a kayak was my first time floating down the White River in Noblesville. Before that I was never much of a river or smallmouth fisherman. That one trip completely changed the way that I think as an angler. Now days you will find me on a river every chance I get!


For me kayak fishing is a release; it is an escape from school and everyday life. It’s a way for me to get closer to nature while still feeding my own competitive nature in local tournament trails. The kayak fishing community is unlike any other. I’m so glad to have found my way into such and amazing group of people who share my appreciation for both fishing and the outdoors.