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Hello everyone my name is Andrea Caocci I was born in Italy in 1973 in Oristano exactly a small town located in the center west of Sardinia (an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea ) , where in the past the Romans Phoenicians and Carthaginians made ​​their story centuries.
I work at a local hospital here so my job has nothing to do with fishing or kayak, I would like! , however, that it was for this and I hope with JK maybe one day this wish come true , I thank Jackson Kayak and Jan Zoid Liska for the opportunity you are offering me 😉
Practical fishing more or less frequently since I was a child , having had my father first and then an uncle very passionate about fishing and the sea in general, for 10 years I fell in love with this part of lure fishing techniques both at sea in fresh water, my usual catch are the Seabass in my area full of brackish lagoons abound, mainly in freshwater catch blackbass and I am waiting for the catch of pike since recently there was his entrance .
Often my outputs are fishing solo and I love being in harmony with nature , but now I’d like to have many friends to hang out together with our Jackson Kayak .


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