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I’ve been kayak fishing since 2005 and pretty surprised at how psyched I still am about getting out there. I’ve always been really interested in at least one sport but none has kept me so absorbed like kayak fishing. I live in Seattle, Washington and am lucky to have Puget Sound in my backyard. There’s lots of great fishing opportunities there and I especially love taking trips to the Pacific coast for some big open water action. My favorite targets are chinook (king) salmon, lingcod, and pacific halibut. I’m always down for a good challenge and those big game fish bring it.

Over the years I’ve fished a fair amount of tournaments and have been lucky enough to win a few. In 2010 I had my best result and won the Angler Of The Year tournament for Northwest Kayak Anglers. The competition is a year-long and targets 10 species in fresh and salt water. I’m mainly a salt guy so it took me well out of my comfort zone. With a lot of hard work and persistence I was able to perform well enough to take it in the end.

When I’m not in the water I teach kayak fishing seminars, write for the local outdoors and kayak fishing magazines, and have been featured on a kayak fishing TV show. Although my best appearance to date is arguably the YouTube video a friend took when I caught an octopus. Now to get back to fishing. See ya on the water!

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