Charlie Bond

I am a South Arkansas boy that grew up fishing at a very young age with a cork and a worm. We fished lakes that had a lot of cypress stumps and lily pads. Even as an adult I still fished these same waters and really did not have a lot of experience in the deep, clear water lakes and rivers until I moved to Northwest Arkansas. I fished the Arkansas River a lot but that is still so different. I fish for bass, any bass and sometimes crappie but not very often. When I do catch crappie it is usually a fluke. My love for fishing has grown over the years and I have tournament fished and fished mostly for just the pure enjoyment of it. I love being on the lakes and rivers and the peace it brings to me. One thing for sure that I have learned since I bought my first kayak is that you have less worries, “Is the plug in?, Is the motor going to start?” Kayak fishing lends you the freedom to not have these worries and also all the places you may go! You can put a kayak in less than 4″ of water and not get stuck, which affords you the opportunity to get in there and catch the big one. I have been fishing out of a Jackson Coosa since they came out in 2011.  However, I also have a Big Tuna for my grandchildren and my wife fishes out of a Kilroy.  I have the pleasure of getting to fish out of all three.  I am also excited and look forward to meeting other anglers and kayak enthusiasts that have the passion that I do.  Remember this:  If you are having a stressful day, get your Jackson Kayak on the water and go float!




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