Chris Connolley

Hope everyone is doing well! My name is Chris Connolley and I’m a kayak fishing fanatic. I currently attend high school in Northwest Arkansas and love to spend my free time exploring the awesome rivers, creeks, and lakes of the Ozarks. I got my start kayak fishing over 5 years ago, but it really became a large part of my life in 2016 during a River Bassin Tournament Trail event in Noel Missouri. This was the first kayak tournament I had ever fished and I was blessed to do very well, but best of all, get drawn to take home a Jackson Kayak Coosa. Ever since that day, my passion for for the sport has steadily grown as well as my involvement in the kayak fishing community. I am privileged to represent my local kayak shop at various shows and events and love using these opportunities to introduce people to this fantastic pastime. I currently paddle a Coosa and a Kilroy. Though these may not be the newest models in the vast Jackson lineup, they both seem to be form fitted for the kind of fishing I do. If you are every in the area, be sure to give me a shout. I’m always ready to hit the river!