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I spend the majority of my time chasing fish on moving waters in Southwest Missouri. I absolutely LOVE being on a river! I fish for just about anything that I can find but I mainly target the different species of bass that we have here. I try to stay as simple as I can when fishing. I like the experience of the trip just as much as I do the catch and I don’t like to complicate the trip anymore than it has to be. I generally only carry one or two rod and reels and no more than 4 plano boxes of tackle. This allows me to worry less about gear and concentrate more on the water and what the fish are doing.  

I paddle a Jackson Coosa HD and Big Rig. One thing that I really enjoy about kayak fishing, besides actually doing it, is teaching people what I know about it. I also love to teach this incredible hobby to my two oldest boys ages 5 and 10. They recently got their own Jackson Skippers for Christmas and will be spending a lot of time with me on the water this year. I can’t wait! 
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