Christian Jurgens

I was born in 1983 in a small village in North-Western Germany.
Ever since I can remember I went out fishing with my brother Jens in all nearby  rivers and lakes that we could reach by bike.
In my early fishing-years I have been an all-rounder as most of us I guess. But of course when you grow up you start finding out what truly attracts you:
To me that´s predator-fishing for sure!
I got to fish more different kinds of water each year- deeper, wider and due to that it got harder to reach the top spots.
So finally after having turned 25 it decided to get myself a fishing kayak- the best decision of my fishing life!
I can hardly think of anything else but sitting and fishing on it and enjoying the endless options it offers and fun I get when being out.
Whenever I can spare some time I am out with my Jackson Kayak.
I am totally happy and thankful for being part of the Jackson family now and I am looking very much forward to many more awesome moments to come!
Wishing you guys tons of fun on and at the water.

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