Clara Ricabal

Hola! My name is Clara Ricabal & I live in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California. I am a registered nurse who works in the emergency room & is addicted to adrenaline! I began my kayaking adventures in 2015 when I purchased a 14 foot Jackson Cuda in my favorite color besides camouflage….dorado! I take my kayak out on the Pacific Ocean (Monterey Bay) during rockfish season. Dropping lead on the dragons (lingcods) is my favorite! I am a multi species angler, who enjoys black bass tournaments, river bank fishing, and days out in the deep sea for sport. I have been on Angler West TV, a fishing show on the World Fishing Network fighting tarpon in Mexico & trout in the Sierras. I am excited to join the Jackson Team & represent the West Coast anglers!