Clayton Haske

My name is Clayton Haske, I’m a mechanic at U-Haul, and avid outdoorsman. My passion for paddle sports started back in 2013 when I took my first trip to the boundary waters. I have always been an avid angler, but when I combined fishing, and canoeing, I was literally hooked! I went again the next year, and knew this was something I really enjoyed, and as soon as I got back I purchased my first (real) kayak, a 2014 yakattack coosa. Now I was able to get to all those spots I couldn’t reach while wadding, all those spots I couldn’t bank fish from effectively. In the next few years I got into kayak fishing tournaments to improve my fishing skills, all the while I had no idea the friendships, and relationships I would make because of a kayak. Over the past few seasons I’ve had the opportunity to travel to some of the best fisheries in the Midwest region, places I would of never even though about had it not been for kayak fishing. I love sharing my adventures, and hope to inspire others to give kayaking a try, they might just get hooked like I did.