Courtney Bennett

Hello! My name is Courtney Bennett. I started fishing with my grandfather when I was 8 years old. My parents had built a house on a 22 acre lake when I was in elementary school, so each day when I got home, my grandfather would bring his plethora of fishing poles and tackle to my house where we would sit on the bank and fish until dark. My grandfather always out-fished me, but he was always quick to cheer me on when I caught a fish. I landed many Bluegill under his watchful eye. He instilled within me a great love for the outdoors and of the simple joy that comes from spending time on the water.


In 2014, my husband and I decided to start kayak fishing. And what an adventure it has been! I have been able to fish some of the most beautiful rivers in our home state of Tennessee, while making the periodic journey to coastal Georgia, Louisiana, or Florida to fish.


Kayak fishing is so much more than simply floating down a river trying to catch a fish. It’s the about the friendships I have built along the way through meeting others who share the same passion. It’s about teaching someone how to properly paddle a kayak, and sharing the love of the sport with youth within our community. It’s the excitement of paddling through a decent rapid and the rush of excitement from landing a fish in a kayak while sitting in no more than two feet of water. It’s the absolute adrenaline rush of catching that first Muskellunge that you never expected to latch on to your crankbait when you were only targeting Bass. Quite simply, it’s about making memories to last a lifetime.