Daniel Freij

I am a pike hunting maniac who spends most of my time in the water with my kayak Cuda 14. My favorite place for fishing is amongst the coasts of Blekinge. First time kayak fishing, three years ago, gave me the “blooded tooth” (Swedish expression for finding a new activity that excites you and inspires you to devote more time to it). Since then I have not considered acquiring a boat. I love the freedom and the closeness to nature that owning a kayak gives me. When I’m not out kayaking, I basically live in the workshop making magic all year round. I love to experiment with different ideas in order to come up with new and convenient inventions.

Comes from: Råby/Skåne Age: 23 Favorite lure: soft plastics in motoroil Years of fishing: Give or take three years. Favorite season for fishing: Spring Personal best: Pike 10,3kg 106cm Combo of rod and reel: BFT Roots 9’ 130g Revo Toro Nacl 51 Favorite water: Ocean Girlfriend: Great one who always allows me to fish all the time.

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