Daniel Holm

My name is Daniel Holm, I’m born and raised in a small village called Viken in the South of Sweden. Öresund is my closest neighbor. I´ve been fishing since i was a teenager, but for the last 15 years it all became more serious. Fishing has become a lifestyle for me, and I can´t live without it. Every spare time I got, I´ll try to go fishing, even if it just a couple of hours. I mostly flyfish for seatrout and pike, but you can sometimes find me with a spinnrod chasing cod, perch and zander. About 3 years ago I found a new world. Me and my friend make a visit to Gunnar Ahlström at Pikestrike in Karlskrona, to check out his kayaks and learn more about kayak fishing. And maybe buy one later on. Well, it ended up with 2 very happy guys going home with theirs new JK Big Rigs. Ever since that day, all my fishing take place from my kayak. Before i was limited to fish in special areas. Now i paddle where I want! My fishing has become much more efficient and much more fun.