Dustin Nichols

Originally from the low country of southeast Georgia; I cut my teeth on farm pond bass and the mixed bag of the inshore waters  the ” Golden Isles” offered.  Fishing has been in my blood since I was a young boy.  Now residing in Texas, I have been kayak fishing since 2014. You can find me in my Cuda chasing red fish in the back lakes and marsh of Port O’connor or pitching and cranking for bass on many of Texas’ lakes. Kayak fishing has opened up so many more opportunities with ease of access.  The camaraderie of the kayak fishing community has lead me to meet many friends and enjoy new areas to explore and fish.  I enjoy helping new anglers and sharing tips to new kayak fisherman.  I also support conservation of our coastal resources so  future anglers can enjoy the outdoors like we do today.   I guess you could say I am a kayak fishing addict ” well maybe ask my wife-she can assure that is the case”.   I am definitely  honored to be representing Jackson Kayak and stoked on the adventures ahead.