Eric Crouse

I grew up in northwestern North Carolina with a passion for the outdoors. Looking back, from a young age it didn’t take me long to branch off and start fishing and hunting on my own. That sense of adventure and exploration fit right into the theme when longtime friend Jameson Redding and I decided to trek into the land of kayaks.

Nowadays, that passion for the outdoors has turned into a career I’ve sought after since I was 12. I work as a Wildlife Officer in North Carolina and when I’m not working I’m either spending my time doing the things I work to protect(fishing and hunting), or I’m working on my newest found passion, carving fish and waterfowl.

Since I started kayak fishing in 2008 I’ve fished a variety of waters from cold mountain streams, Smallmouth inhabited rivers, to chasing trout and reds in Florida and North Carolina’s coastal backwaters, as well as several different lakes and rivers in between. My passion for the outdoors coupled with the excitement of exploring new waters is what drove me to become the dedicated kayak fisherman I am today. I’m not saying I won’t fish out of a motorboat, but tell me to choose between the two and you’ll see me pick up my paddle every time.

There’s something that’s hard to describe about fishing out of a kayak, to me the reward comes from working harder for every fish you catch, being closer to the water and everything that surrounds you, and the ability to take your kayak anywhere…. To get to any fish! I absolutely love it!!

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