Henric Appelgren

Hi, my name is Henric Appelgren, 26 years old. I´m a Saltwater guy. Raised by the ocean, learned to fish in saltwater, and cant stand beeing away from oceanic waters for to long. Saltwater in my veins, so to speak. I studied marine biology for 2 year, and took my deck officers degree at the same time. After that i moved on to the sportsfishingacademy of Forshaga, were i allso studied for 2 years.

I spend 6 months every year is northern Norway – Finnmark, working as a fishingguide for the company Nordic Sea Angling. We mainly target Halibut, Cod, Coalfish and some other smaller species.. If you have any questions regarding fishing in Norway, please let me know. For once, i’m bringing my kayak this season, so be prepared for a cool story this autumn.

But after spending several months behind the wheel of a 300hp 27,5ft guideboat, i feel the need for change, and that is why i spend the remaining ice-free months fishing from my old sweetheart, my trusted Jackson . Flyfishing at first, but allso quite allot of trolling and spinfishing with shads. Targeting Northern Pike, and any other fish that comes in my way.
Here are my 3 main reasons why choosing a kayak for that, instead of some shriekish petrolpowered boat.

1: Accesebility – ramps tis but a memory
2: Closeness to nature – apart from hiking, i cant imagine a better way of getting in touch with nature itself
3: Coolness – The simple fact that Kayakers aren’t like other fishermen, we’re way cooler!